Fine Art Portraits 

by Emma Fay

Hand drawn portraits from your photographs

Hand drawn portraits make the perfect sentimental gift for family and friends, it can also be a stunning centrepiece in any home. Artwork like this is one of a kind, drawn with care, and will be treasured by your family for generations. Commissioning a hand drawn portrait is incredibly easy. It's as simple as emailing me your chosen photo, and I draw your portrait, and mail it right back to you! My busiest time of the year is the months leading up to Christmas, so early bookings are essential.

2020 commissioned portrait

graphite drawing of a baby

I am incredibly passionate about portrait drawing. I have been drawing my entire life, and I have loved every portrait I have drawn. I put my heart and soul into my work, and I hope that it shows. I have spent countless years perfecting my craft, and to this day I believe I am still learning, and striving to be better and do better with every new drawing I create. It is so incredibly important to me to deliver not only premium quality art, but also an amazing service. The drawings I create for my clients are one of a kind, drawn with love, and are irreplaceable. This means that they quickly become a most treasured family heirloom. 

Graphite drawing of Robbin Williams
Graphite drawing of Robbin Williams


commissioned graphite portrait of a family
commissioned graphite portrait of a family

Graphite drawing of Robbin Williams
Graphite drawing of Robbin Williams


"I received a wonderful gift from my wife that was put to paper by this genius. Ms. Emma Fay, I can’t thank you enough for the new life you brought to my Grandfather through your art. Thank you so much for this gift. Your work is breathtaking and vivid. I hope you continue to spread the joy of your talent around the world.

A big warm hug from Austin, Texas. Be well, stay safe."

-Axel Jaramillo


"I’m actually crying!!! This is beautiful!! I can’t tell you how much I love it!"

- Kirsty Styles

2019 commissioned portrait of Robbin Williams in progress.


All prices are standard, however small increases may occur if the commission is deemed difficult, ie: poor reference photo, difficult fur type, heavy wrinkles, hands and detailed clothing patterns. 


(Head and shoulder portraits only)

8 x 10

1 person  $360

2 people  $460

11 x 14

1 person  $485

2 people  $585

3 people $685


16 x 23 

1 person  $650 ( half- full body)

2 people  $850 (half - full body)

3 people  $1,050

4 people $1,200 


(Head and shoulder portraits only)

8 x 10

1 person  $460

2 people  $560

11 x 14

1 person  $585

2 people  $685

3 people $785

16 x 23 

1 person  $800 ( half- full body)

2 people  $950 (half - full body)

3 people  $1,150

4 people $1,300 

*Prices subject to change without notice.* 

Watch me draw a commissioned portrait from start to finish!




How do I commission a portrait? 

Its very easy. First you choose a photo, then the drawing size (please note that higher resolution photos come up best at any size, but low resolution  photos will only be drawn at smaller sizes due to lack of detail).  Once you have chosen your reference photo, the size of the paper, and the medium ( graphite, charcoal or coloured pencil) you want the drawing to be done in, please contact me though the BOOK PORTRAIT tab. If you are having trouble picking a size paper etc, please don't hesitate to contact me, so that I can help you with your decision. 


How long does a portrait take to do? 

Portraits can take anywhere between a week to a month. The time frame relies heavily on the detail level, and and my current workload. Often I already have a waiting list, so drawings cannot the started immediately.


What are the shipping costs and times?

Shipping varies depending on drawing size and destination. I send all drawings with registered post, including signature upon arrival and insurance in case the drawing is damaged in transit or lost. Shipping Australia wide is 3-7 days, international shipping is different depending on the country. Previously international shipping has been roughly 3 weeks, but during Covid its been as long as 8 weeks.


How is my finished drawing presented and packaged?  

5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 drawings are all mounted, packaged in a clearpix bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, then layers of cardboard to keep the drawing protected and flat during transit. Larger drawings such as 16x23 inch drawings will be packed in plastic, bubble wrap and then placed in a postal tube. If you are ordering a larger drawing and would prefer it send flat, please message me for a quote on packaging so I can source a larger mount and frame. 

What if I'd like a different size? 

I am happy to discuss an alternative size. Please be aware that sizes larger than noted on the price list may come at a much higher cost, and I may also need to use different paper depending on what is currently available through my supplier. Some papers don't come in all sizes, so in that case I would switch to the next best paper, and that paper can often be very expensive to purchase, so these things need be factored into costs when quoting other sizes.

What costs are required to book?

The 50% retainer of the portrait cost is due to book, and the balance plus shipping is due when the drawing is finished. The retainer is non-refundable, and is to cover my time, materials and talent should you as a customer cancel for whatever reason.

Are payment plans available? 

Yes payment plans are available. We can work out a payment plan that works for you. Please note that the drawing will not be started until 50% of the payment has been made, and will not be shipped without all payments being made. 

Materials and other information: 

Portraits are drawn on top high quality artist grade paper, and sprayed with a fixative to avoid smudging ( Pastel Portraits aren't sprayed, so extra care needs to be taken). Sizes are in inches, and prices are in Australian dollars and non-negotiable. 

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Fine Art Portraits by Emma Fay
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