Hello & welcome!

Hi, I'm Emma, its nice to meet you!
My home studio is based in Endeavour Hills, VIC. I am a natural light photographer specialising in newborn, maternity, baby, family and fresh 48 photography and a portrait artist specialising in graphite and pastel people and animal portrait drawings.
I am a mother of the 4 most beautiful babes, and a wife-to-be to my supportive fiance, they are my everything.  I've been a professional artist for 5 years, but have been drawing and loving babies my whole life. I started drawing when I was just 3, but my passion and love for it flourished when I was 7. As a child I was always drawing when ever I had a spare moment. As I got older and began drawing portraits for others I realised just how important art is to the world. To be able to give my clients portraits of family members together that never got to meet is something that really is really just priceless.
I started my photography journey while studying Fine Art at University, but I didn't properly get into it until after I had my 3rd baby. When my babies came into this world I discovered just how important photos were in my life, and the passion for photography grew and grew. To be able to give families such an amazing gift of memories and moments frozen in time is just so special.

With love Emma xxx
T H E  N I T T Y  G R I T T Y

I am fully vaccinated, trained in newborn safety, and have a legal business. 

PHOTOS:  Captured by the talented Lily of the Valley Photography